Neural network training

Find data with machine learning
Create a dataset, that’s where Machine Learning start. You can find data set’s on the Internet about almost everything. Except for your specific business needs, like invoice recognition with machine learning. That’s where EasyVerify steps in, an usable visual solution that helps you to obtain the correct dataset. You can assign as many users as you like and monitor individual operator performance on line. With EasyVerify hard times are over to generate a specific dataset for machine learning problems.

Create your dataset
When the raw data is scanned, sorted in any other way in line for the machine learing Dataset creation the process start. Experience learns that close operator monitoring improves dataset creation dramatically. You can for example give parts of trained material to other operators for double verification. When data is identified differently you learn that there is a processing issue. This can be anything, from unclear instructions on the dataset classification to a less accurate operator. The sooner you have Dataset generation information the better results are made at first quality runs. Our input doesn’t stop by delivering the technology to monitor, we can setup the system exactly tuned for your Dataset generation! Get more info

Machine Learning
Dataset batches can be trained periodically to understand preliminary results. Based on this agility machine learning approach dataset falsifications are identified in an early state so no harm is done to the machine learning process itself.

EasyVerify is able to show operators classification parts. Meaning that only document parts are showed. By doing so GDPR rules are followed during the process of Dataset creation. Based on the flexible EasyVerify structure you can hire operators for machine learning dataset creation without disclosing your specific dataset purposes or content. Naturally EasyData Machine Learning experts are happy to discuss your specific details for dataset generation.

Effective tuning
When the first results are there it’s always an exiting moment! Naturally we know what to suspect, it’s all about Data Science, it’s our job. If the process is setup by EasyData and we did the project management, we know even better what the outcome will be.

Still, better results are possible, it’s the balance between budget and quality, when it’s enough? When images taken by a mobile device need enhancement for example, we can realize that. It’s you as client to decide, we are there to assist in presenting the best results possible!

Machine learning results
Think about it, you have the results and you want to keep the project configuration for future use. EasyData can arrange that situation for you. This option saves you expensive dedicated hardware and the maintenance of machine learning network solutions that are used for your machine learning project. We offer an protective Cloud solution to keep you project alive, updated and operational 365 day’s a year. Get more info