Get creative with data science algorithms


EasyData technologies allow you to extract information from any data source.

This gives you wider opportunities for data mining. At EasyData we have built our own data processing and storage center. Depending on the task, the data can be processed on our physical or on virtual servers in the MS Azure cloud and in others.

We offer you our algorithms to analyze data according to your preferences. You can process your documents in our cloud or deploy a processing solution locally. The only question is what do you need.


We ensure the secure processing of your personal data in accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Most of the documents that organizations now work with are originally digital, and their number is growing every day. In some cases, paper documents need to be scanned and converted into digital.

Classification of documents by type, analysis and extraction of meaningful data requires significant computing resources.

Big Data

EasyData will help you understand how you can reduce your costs through data analysis.

We will help you calculate the efficiency of automatic data processing and make an assessment of economic efficiency.

We are pleased to offer you our experience in this field, and our technical capabilities to solve your problems.

Let EasyData analyze your processes and optimize your business.

Our servers allow to perform all stages of analysis and recognition. Productivity is up to 10 million pages per day and can be rapidly increased.


Our technology do not depend on any particular platform;  we select the tools for the project and not the other way around. In addition, we test platforms from leading vendors in the field.

This allows us to find the optimal solution for your task.


If you need to check the results of automatic processing, then you can use the verification station on our cloud platform. With its help, your employee will be able to verify your data.

We also can provide a dedicated specialist who will carry out a full verification and provide you with a ready-made result.


Increase your efficiency with the latest technology. Discover unknown facts about your business for smarter decisions.

Structure your documents according to GDPR or other regulations. Extract important information from archived data and get real value from it!


You know how important monitoring, processing time and process control are. We offer a reporting solution that provides the information you need.
Report data can be sent to Excel and/or presented as an online dashboard. Or maybe you need both options?