Document Image Enhancement

Enhance captured images from document scanners, mobile devices and video cameras beyond the point of standard applications.

We started our image enhancement journey 20 years ago in the time all documents need to be scanned before they can be recognized by OCR technologies. All technologies we actually use find their origin in that period.Today images are digital born, so what’s the use of image enhancement technology? Why is an innovative company as EasyData still investing into yesterday’s technology? 

The reason is simple, back in the ‘old’ scanning days mobile phones were about to prove their existence. A couple mobile phone generation later, then started to be named a smartphone, where able to make pictures. The rest of the story is known and a daily fact of life. Businesses communicates photographed documents by What’s App for further processing. This behavior brings 20 years old “Scan, Enhance and Recognize” workflow back to your actual way of communicating.

EasyData is not inventing the wheel again, our partnership with ABBYY delivers very advanced image enhancement technology. It works on many cases but like everything else, there are some limitations. In these situation the EasyData image enhancement approach will help.

State of the art

Today companies tell their clients they can communicate by What’s App.
Pretty cool, until the moment arise this mobile captured document need to be understood by the following digital process.

And that’s where our technology and expertise become meaningfull.


Our Image Enhancement approach differs from how others do and we don’t make a secret on our success formula.

We “recognize” the differences in document types. A passport requires other enhancement characteristics than an invoice. That’s basically speaking what we are able to do for your case.  


What does our solution mean for your Image Enhancement process?

To advice we need to understand your request. That’s a visa versa, you need to see in practice our technology. We offer you an environment for basic results.  Take smart improvements in the way you prefer. A cloud system or on premises, it’s all based on your requirements.

That’s our expertise, bringing technology together in the ‘Best of breed’ of Image Enhancement!

EasyData Engineers are dedicated to image enhancement technologically especially for document and business orientated workflows. Together with the EasyData digital transformation platform we deliver the market the best of breed AI technologies, starting with proper pre-processing with the best image enhancement technologies fitting your application automation.