Smart videos for entertaining innovation

Intelligent PDF’s, the concept explained

Intelligent Digital printing means that the output send to your PDF-printer driver is known.
Let logic take over your printed output and build automatically enhanced workflows.

The smarter way to handle incoming PDF’s by automated data extraction from your PDF’s!
Don’t change your current way of working, just start spending less time on administration.

This video explains you the concept on smart PDF’s in 4 minutes.

Office automation by smarter documents

Office automation is about reducing workload in a smart efficient way.
This video shows you how documents are recognized and classified on important content.

Get notifications on contract changes without reading the document every time again.
Modern intelligent document solutions will do this for you, every time without failure.

This video makes office automation visible in less than 3 minutes.

The fairy tale on document automation

The world is dreaming and innovating for decades on ways to simplify invoice processing.
Now we did by the UBL standard, the future becomes real as this video show with a wink.

It’s not that all problems are over, the fairy tale has as most of them, a happy end.
As innovative solution provider we do our best to serve you making magic reality!

Take 4 minutes to enjoy reality in a pleasant format.

PDFCommunicator installation


Naturally, all installation details can be found in the manual that comes with the download.
Although, we believe that a short visual instruction video is the best help to get you going!

This instruction video takes 2 minutes of your time.

PDFCommunicator interface explained


After this video you understand the basic of PDFCommunicator and the interface options.
By watching this video you get to know the options and basic possibilities of the editor.

This instruction video takes 4 minutes of your time.

PDFCommunicator operating principles


This video explains the operation, after seeing this video you are able to make definitions.
Experience yourself handling your own PDF’s, enjoy getting results with PDF automation!

This instruction video takes 5 minutes of your time.