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Hire the world’s best scientists in the field of data processing and data science
and pay precisely for what you need!

Get the expertise for your project and minimize costs. EasyData provides
you with a smart outsource for data processing and analysis

Machine Learning

Every day we try to create and improve algorithms to solve a wide range of tasks. We have gained extensive experience in using a variety of neural networks. We also actively use and refine open source neural networks and conduct our own research in this area.

You can significantly reduce development time and other costs by using our many years of experience.

Document Recognition

EasyData started its business in 1999 with a clear goal: to provide our customers with the best OCR results. Throughout these years, we have remained faithful to this approach and to our clients.  We are glad to offer you an experience of our specialists, who can easily solve any of your problems.

Many of our employees have over 20 years of experience in data mining and analysis. 

Data Conversion

We know everything about processing the captured data and its transferring from one system to another. In most cases, it is not only about transforming, but also about structuring data.

You’ll save time and money with the assistance of our experts who are also experienced in validation and workflow.

Data Capture

We are considered to be the experts in the field of data capture.

EasyData has developed and continues to develop its own platform for data capture over the years.

We are here to help you with project evaluation, implementation or with a comparative analysis of the market.

Data Analysis

Our experts will help you customize already existing data analysis solutions, or use the open source technologies.

We support any data analysis application and help you understand and validate your data.

Your goal is information, we will make sure you receive it.



This is the key to success and we believe a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution can be done within a reasonable time with matching ROI.

We have experience with RPA platforms from leading vendors.

ABBYY Technology

As you know, EasyData is ABBYY’s longest-standing partner, and we are fully aware and fully responsible for this. This means more than just knowing ABBYY technologies. We know how to apply this knowledge correctly. EasyData claims to be the most effective partner in implementing the FlexiCapture platform and supporting the ABBYY SDK.


Fast and clear information about performance and quality of work is important for data processing systems. The ability to visually monitor problems is one of the key features of these applications.

Our specialists can help you properly configure the visualization of the collected data using convenient and understandable online reports.


After more than 20 years of implementing data capture solutions, our engineers know that application integration is about much more than just transferring data from one system to another. We understand the importance of maintaining security and data integrity when organizing such business processes. Our experience will improve the reliability of your project.

Image enhancement

The world of scanned images has changed a lot in the last few years. Previously, most images came from scanners in TIF format.

Today, images are taken by users’ mobile phones. There are specific tasks for image preprocessing, for example, such as correcting trapezoidal distortions, removing “noise”, template background, aligning lines, etc.

Our experience and knowledge will help you deal with such challenges.

Project Management

EasyData provide most talented engineers to your project as one site of the service. You can add knowledgeable workers to the project with a good view on documented results.

Guide current and future users through the process of development by recognition of possible issues. Keeping track of deadlines and teach end users using the system. Communication to all stakeholders is part of our commitment.

Artificial intelligence

We do not follow the hype and buzzwords.

We do not deal with super powerful robots or super intelligent devices.

We just make the algorithms work!

Our artificial intelligence algorithms
make decisions based on real-time data and are ready for your requests and tasks.

C# Developers

If you need C# to solve your problem, EasyData can provide you with the right experienced engineers.

In our company, C# is used both for tasks related to data mining and, for example, for developing applications based on the ABBYY FineReader SDK.
Using the capabilities of the .Net Core platform and the C# language, we develop distributed cross-platform data processing complexes.

Most of our products are interfaced in WPF. We can also modify your existing solutions using all the features of
C# and .Net.

Python Knowledge

A huge number of ready-made libraries and algorithms are made in Python. We use them to solve a variety of tasks, i.e. collecting data on the Internet, analyzing videos and images.

For example,

  • we determine the presence of the counter number in the video stream,
  • count the cars of a passing train,
  • detect the presence of a signature and seal on a document,
  • implement data search in a document, taking into account synonyms, declension and/or keywords,
  • determine which subject the given document belongs to,
  • determine the type of document by its appearance,
  • extract key fields from the document
  • send the received data to various data buses (Kafka, RabbitMQ, SAP PI) in the required formats.

Neural networks

Minimize human involvement in specific tasks using neural network technologies.

Analysis and processing of big data sets should be carried out with minimal user intervention, leaving them only the opportunity to make decisions in the event of any exceptional situations.


Our main prototypes for machine learning tasks and machine vision are implemented in C#. Next, ready-made modules are integrated into our products and used in our Cloud computing platform.

EasyData provides qualified specialists for both short and long term. There are not many open source software vendors or solutions left in our field that we would not know about.
EasyData guarantees that your development is completed on time.

We are focused on a remote way of working and interacting, which is especially important in the current realities. We build the development process on agile methodologies, which allows us to quickly receive feedback, make adjustments and adapt to the new conditions.

Product innovation and solving complex customer problems is what gives us momentum, drive and inspiration. You can experience this advantage for yourself – high quality for a fixed cost in achieving your goals!