Document classification and control can be an important part of Data Capture.
It is not always possible to automatically read or combine the desired values.

EasyData algorithms can automatically classify and interpret many documents,
but there is a point where human intervention is desirable.

In those cases, manual classification is necessary.
If this is the case, Data Capture installations use visualisation tools.
The goal is to show a control document with explicable points of unclearness,
why exactly this document is an exception in the automatic process.
EasyVerify was developed for this purpose; an affordable tool for document classification.

Document Classification in your browser

Data visualisation can also be useful when designing an automatic process.
In that case, automatically read data is checked manually and adjusted where necessary.

Control tools with this task are subject to other requirements than for instance the interface of a customary DMS, ERP or other document system. Functionality can overlap when supplementing data or assigning documents; the architecture of such a control measure has a different set-up.

When developing Data Capture solutions, the necessity automatically arises to provide visual assistance to the Data Capture process. Following this reasoning, it will come as no surprise that for decades now, we have been developing a verification module that connects with our Data Capture solutions.
Where 20 years ago you would have a crowded stand-alone screen, the wishes the verification tool had to fulfil have changed considerably over the years. Think for instance of connecting external databases.
With the development of the Internet, external sources have become proverbial ‘air’ for IT systems;
office administration stumbles without Internet.

You can also wonder what the use is of such a tool, considering an Online bookkeeping programme that receives invoices by UBL? When you look deeper into the situation, and there is a need to split the invoices at line level by ledger number or project, you see the need for advanced verification tools. Exactly what EasyVerify functionality has to offer!

Over the past few years, there have been several invoicing processes where EasyVerify has realised exceptional service in the invoice verification process.

Just like our Data Capture solutions, EasyVerify is freely definable and open to receive data from all imaginable sources.

Verification options

Invoice control

Invoice verification is of course only a small aspect from the Data Capture spectrum.
For a bank, EasyVerify was used to monitor the archive – which was still completely on paper.

Documents of various origins are scanned and – as much as possible – automatically classified.
In this example, it is important that the employees are presented with the right document with the expected external dataset of additional information.

This external data can be creditor information linked to the IBAN number or database information relating to a mortgage deed. Depending on how the solution is designed, external assessment information may be important.

Remember that the document offered for verification comes from a certain file that of course has to remain complete.
As long as pieces from this specific file are divided across several employees, this digitalisation component cannot be concluded. These parameters are important to a properly functioning document classification tool.

External verification

The Internet has become indispensable and has made office administration extraordinarily efficient.

It may be the case that EasyVerify was purchased as a verification tool without the employees ever having seen it.

Imagine hard to read documents with handwritten text in the margins.
Our automatic Data Capture solutions go a long way, but not quite that far.

The case described here features documents with a specific profile scanned using the MFP.
The documents are sent to an external organisation via (S)FTP.
Where EasyVerify completes the data with the text in the margins.

After this document completion,
the documents return as PDF with SML to the sender through the same FTP connection.


Advanced Data verification is inextricably linked to Data Capture.
EasyData is continuously investing in the optimisation of the classification process.
EasyVerify is capable of connecting intelligent algorithms to practical applications.
With this way of working, we offer an affordable window into Big Data that is found in many applications.
With EasyVerify, we are miles ahead of the competition. Experience it for yourself!